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Every solar project is unique. Roof type, roof size and location factors all have an impact on the design. The CPX calculator helps you calculate everything your project needs today & the future brings. As quick, efficient and successful as possible. Within a few minutes you will receive a construction plan and list of materials, allowing you to spend more time on installation and less time on preparation. Because we like to simplify things.

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Our story

At CPX we love to make complex things simple:

Complex, a word often used by solar developers, building owners and investors to describe large commercial solar projects. Complex because there are a thousand questions to be asked that require answers before even one solar panel is put on the roof.

We see our company as your foundation for solar projects. Because only a good foundation is a guarantee for success. Before, during & long after the realisation of your project. A good foundation lays all the groundwork. Providing all the answers to all the questions you might have.

At CPX we offer you smart mounting systems called Wave. A family of mounting systems that weaves everything together. The foundation of your solar project. Easy & fast to install. Compatible with multiple solar panels. Lightweight due to the use of innovative materials.

Mounting system design philosophy that makes it easy to adapt. So robust that they probably outlive your solar panels & your roof. Reliable so we can easily give you a 20-year warranty. Because like we said, we love to make things simple.

People & Products. Working together. On immediate results & lasting performance, on minimisation risk & maximisation revenue. We call that solar progress. It starts today and goes on and on and on…

With solar progress we deliver continuous value. Infinite: it is the foundation of our company and the only foundation for successful solar projects. That’s why we even made it part of our company logo.

CPX. Your foundation for solar progress.

CPX is part of the Enstall Group: the global leading provider of rooftop solar mounting systems. Esdec already provided services to this specific C&I (Commercial & Industrial) segment but has chosen to carve this out of the Esdec organisation and to set up a specific organisation to allow it to reach full maturity. Experts, experience and specific knowledge are transferred from Esdec to CPX. CPX stands for Commercial Project Xperts and is a European supplier of solar mounting systems.

Looking for a partner for your solar projects? Get in touch with us to find out how we can be the foundation for your solar progress.

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It’s our ambition to…

…become the largest supplier of mounting systems and related services in the European C&I market for roof-mounted solar. We work together with ArcelorMittal to lower the carbon footprint of the steel value chain. By offering ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® certificates, we can help customers lower the carbon footprint of the Wave mounting system, in a certified way.

Working at CPX

Welcome to CPX, where enthusiasm meets expertise, in a collaborative environment like no other. Joining CPX means embracing a workplace that thrives on delivering top quality within large-scale solar projects. As a part of our dynamic, international team, you’ll immerse yourself in project-based work, surrounded by experts who share your passion for making a meaningful impact on the world.

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